ToolTrackr is a web application designed to help protect tradies’ tools from thieves and allows users to easily create a virtual toolbox of all of their tools. If the user’s tools are ever stolen, ToolTrackr will generate an automatic report to provide to the authorities and get back those stolen or lost tools.

In August of 2019, ToolTrackr was featured in 7News showcasing how the app works and feedback from users of ToolTrackr. ToolTrackr is a free service designed to help the community and uses Google ads, to help keep ToolTrackr sustainable in operating costs of the software.

To ensure mobile users can easily access ToolTrackr, our app is now available on the Google Playstore and will be coming soon to the Apple App Store. Download our app now at

To learn more about ToolTrackr and to start protecting all of your tools today, simply go to

You can also see our featured news video on our ToolTrackr website.

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